Personal Trainers who don’t guide clients

You know what drives me nuts? Personal Trainers who don’t guide clients! When I see someone at the gym working with a personal trainer, yet the client is not using proper form. The trainer is there, watching, and this person is doing the wrong movement. Know what that says to me? It says one of or a combination of these things:

  1. You don’t know what you are doing.
  2. You don’t care about what you are doing.
  3. You don’t care about your client.
  4. You want to keep them dependent on you.
  5. You are an asshole.

Take your pick, but if your client is doing a squat the wrong way, and you don’t take the time to explain to them the proper form. I mean, really take the time and make sure that they understand the mechanics of the movement, they should understand it to the level that they can come in tomorrow, all alone, and execute a proper squat. If you are not doing that for your clients, then I have a problem with you. I’d never, ever, ever recommend you to another participant.

In group exercise, since we deal with so many members, and have to keep the class moving, we cannot afford to dedicate that much time to any one member. However, as a personal trainer, your entire job is to be dedicated to that member, so do a good job. In my classes, I do my best to correct clients when I see them doing things wrong. I don’t single them out, but I stop, take a quick moment to illustrate and explain the proper way to execute a movement, especially those involving the back and knees. Some people just don’t listen, understand, or care. At that point, it’s on them, we are not personal trainers and cannot dedicate all our time to one member.

However, as a personal trainer, that is exactly what you do. So there is no excuse for your client to be doing a wrong squat, or lunge, or rows, etc. Teach them right so that they can train on their own, but teach them well enough where they’ll still come to you. Not because they are incompetent or incapable of doing it alone, but because they trust you to push them to the next level!

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