Pervert confronted on the train

We have all seen our share of nasty behavior on the subway system. I know I’ve seen people peeing, shitting, vomiting, having sex, bleeding, and everything in between. There is nothing that can’t happen in the subway, and if you stick around to the end, you’ll see a brave dude confront this pervert for his despicable behavior.

This guy threatens the woman, contradicts himself over and over, and even tries to accuse her of “trying to get him arrested.” The fool fails to realize that it is his own behavior that will get him arrested.

First of all, you have no business touching a woman on the subway. That’s first and foremost, keep your damn hands to yourself. Second, you are being vulgar and extremely disrespectful not only to her, but all of the other passengers on the train by grabbing your damn crotch in front of them. Third, you are being a nuisance and quite threatening to the victim as well as the passengers. Who needs this after a long day of work?

I’m glad that the dude finally decided to step in and check this guy. He was out of control, and people like him should not be among regular civilians. Ask yourself this question, how do you think things would have gone down if she was alone in the subway car with this guy?

I’ve seen the level of aggression escalate myself. At some point I’ll share the story of how I had to go over and pretend I knew a woman, and confront some asshole to get him to leave her alone. He wasn’t as hostile as this guy, but he was certainly pushy and invading her space. This guy is either mentally ill, or is seriously jacked up in his way of thinking.

Folks, if you ever see something like this, don’t be a damn coward, stand up and help those who can’t help themselves! That could be your mother, sister, or daughter who this trash is harassing!

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