Philadelphia Officer Jesse Hartnett At Close Range: SHOOTS BACK!

officer hartnett

Another attempt on a police officer’s life was made in Philadelphia. The images below shows how this cowardly dirt bag attempted to assassinate a veteran Philly cop. However, Officer Jesse Hartnett, 33 years old, wasn’t having this cowardly bull crap surprise shooting nonsense! The coward, which has been identified as Edward Archer took a bullet to the ass, and was arrested by other responding officers.


He claims that he represents Allah, and the Islamic State. Another lone wolf. I’m glad he was shot and caught. I hope he rots in a prison cell, or gets executed.

On the other hand, Officer Hartnett did not want to die on this day, and survive he did. He was hit 3 times on the arm, one of the bullets severing an artery, but he fought for his life. The meme on this post is perfect! Thankfully the shooter didn’t hit him in the head and he was able to respond.


We wish Officer Jesse Hartnett a speedy recovery and success on his multiple surgeries. I commend this officer for his astonishing bravery!

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