Phone text bubbles in relationships

Definition Of Professionalism

I’ve recently seen a few posts out there stating that iPhone users were being exclusive about dating only other iPhone users. There were some people interviewed because their relationships ended over a phone switch. Some even specifically say that they won’t date a person who doesn’t have an iPhone. I mean this is one of the criteria that some of these people have.

So here’s what I think of that, these are not blogs like mine, these are professional outlets who are covering these stories. I mean, really, someone was sent out to interview some asshole out there because they said they won’t date a person unless they have an iPhone. Talk about going out and scraping the bottom of the barrel. I mean, if I write about it, who gives a damn, I’m just a blogger who writes about whatever the hell he wants. But to have a person paid to go out there and conduct serious journalism around such an idiotic topic? Wow.

Listen, if you are the type of person who dates a person based on the phone that they have, or the color of their text bubbles, you are just a fucking idiot. There’s no other way to put it, you are just a fucking idiot. Do I even need to list why this topic is ridiculous? Do I need to detail why the color of a bubble doesn’t reflect on a person’s ability to love and treat you right? I mean, no, I mustn’t have to do that. I think you are an asshole and you know that you are asshole. Yeah, you know.

I’m an iPhone owner, and let it be known, you could be on a landline and I’d still stick my face in between your legs. The color of text bubbles? What a load of horseshit!

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