Pikachu Movie

So this weekend we were gonna go see Godzilla, but because we saw the first one so long ago we decided to wait until we rewatch it. I want to see it, but I have no sense of urgency over it.

So instead, we decided to go catch the new Detective Pikachu movie. Now, I should state right from the start, though I was around when the Pokemon craze came around the first and second time, I was never a fan. You’ll never catch me walking around with my phone trying to catch a pokemon. I’m a nerd, but I’m not one of those nerds.

However, just like the controversial Sonic trailer did, this Pikachu trailer also caught my attention. I saw from the preview that one doesn’t need to really know or care about the history of the Pokemons to enjoy the film. So I bought 3 tickets and went with my wife and son to watch it.

I really enjoyed this film, I thought that Pikachu was the cutest thing ever. I also loved seeing all the other cute Pokemons in the film. The story is a bit complicated and not necessarily what it seems. You’ll have to watch it to understand what I’m saying.

Though I normally wouldn’t pay to see a film like this in the theater, I think this one was a fun, feel good movie and definitely recommend watching it. If you are a fan of Pokemon, you’ll definitely enjoy it. If you are a casual observer like myself who has no vested interest in the franchise, you still can enjoy it too, I did! So go check it out! Pika Pikaaaaaaaa!

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