Plantronics Savi W740-M Earset 2KL3005


I ordered this headset for use at the office, it was brand new, out of the box. The functionality on this thing is pretty awesome. It allows you to use it with your computer, desk phone, and your cell phone via bluetooth.

It has 3 different kinds of headsets, depending on your preference and style. I mean, for all intents and purposes, this thing looks pretty awesome. At under $300, it’s a pretty good deal too. So why the 1 star? Because, what is a headset meant to be used for? Talking, and what’s that other thing, uhm, oh, right, listening. LISTENING.

The most basic function that a headset does is allow you to talk and listen. I suppose the talking part is okay, I’ve never had any complaints about my audio, but the listening part, wow, what a horrific failure of epic proportions.

I’m telling you guys, from the very first moment I listened on this headset, it sounded like a speaker with a blown out fuse. You know what I’m talking about? Remember when you’d play music really loudly, and you’d burst the speaker? It would have this crackling type static noise? So when it would go loud, you’d hear the voice, but the static cracking would go louder? That’s exactly what this piece of crap savi w740 sounds like. If you lower it, really, really low, you can get rid of the cracking, but guess what else you get rid off? WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WERE LISTENING TOO TO BEGIN WITH!

I bought this through newegg marketplace, so when I called them for help, they were like, “No can do. Call up TelEasy and sort it out with them.” Now, in there defense, they did reply quickly, and after me voicing my opinion about the crappy product and how this is not my fault, they waived the restocking fee. I don’t see why I should pay a restock fee for something that is garbage, through no fault of my own. They complied and waived it. I do have to pay for shipping and handling, and that’s fair, I guess. I didn’t want to push the issue.

I’m currently waiting for them to send me the information to return it, and I’ll have to order another headset. People, stay the hell away from this thing, it really, really sucks! I was terribly disappointed, because it functions great, it’s the audio that is it’s major downfall.

Quick Note about Newegg Marketplace Seller TELeasy: We did a smooth return of the crappy headset, however, they didn’t give me a refund for over two months. I had to keep calling them and asking them about it until they actually put the money back. They said, “It will be back on your account, it’s been sorted out.” I trusted them to do this, but it took so long that I completely forgot about it altogether. If not for accounting finding the charge, and asking me for a receipt, I would have just assumed that they gave us the money back as I don’t have access to our financials. I’d avoid them, but if you do work with them, watch them closely.

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