Reality (Original Poem)


As I walk through the valley of the darkness
A demon’s realm,
I’m dealing with the stress

My mind is lost,
raped by indecision
Internal Conflicts,
Fractional divisions

Searched in vain for powers so divine
Living life,
paying another’s crime

happy sorrows takeover the soul
Purest heart,
drifting in the cold

A heart is bleeding,
these wounds of love
Tortured souls,
with nowhere to run

Look for safety,
the promise of tomorrow
Lost your way,
find a world’s that’s hollow

Futile violence,
can it ever end
Wounds run deep,
difficult to mend

Between the lines,
tell me what you see
Ancient laws,
fabricated enemies

The one that rose with promises divine
The one that’s praised,
confusions of our time

Perceived reality,
truth that is absurd
Ancient promises,
manipulate the herd

Desperate hope,
see the weakness in their eyes
The time has come,
silencing their cries

In a flash,
gone forevermore
Their lives are lost,
fulfill another’s cause

The Young and innocent,
just drift along the way
Shine the light,
to see another day

Pray the lords can open up their eyes
and save the world from these torrential times

Face your reality
don’t live your life in fear
pray for the truth
but it’s already clear
get off your knees
stop begging no one’s there
face your reality
killing the nightmares

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