Pomeranian meetup at Central Park

My wife has a knack for trying things that I’d personally never do on my own. One of those things would be going to a Pomeranian themed meetup in the middle of Central Park.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m against it per se, I’m just not the type of man who would take two trains with my dog, on a Sunday, when it’s kind of cold and rainy for the objective of going to a dog meetup. Yet, that’s exactly what I found myself doing this past Sunday.

Pomstateofmind has been organizing these meetups for the past year or so. Periodically they’ll plan for a bunch of Pom owners to come out, meetup and celebrate their beautiful dogs. I think it’s pretty cool, but again I’m not the type to inconvenience myself with long commutes during my time off, or so I used to think. LOL.

Anyway, the event was actually pretty fun. I’d never seen that many Pomeranians in any one place. It was cute yet chaotic at the same time. We saw all kinds of Poms, big ones, little ones, fluffy ones, pink ones, mean ones, yappy ones, I mean we saw it all. It was Pom heaven for those who love the breed.

Surprisingly to me, I didn’t feel all that uncomfortable around the big group of people and I was okay. I met some really cool pom owners and hopefully made a few friends. Peppa played a bit herself, but honestly, she wasn’t crazy about the overstimulation. At one point when I put her down, she literally pulled and dragged me away from the crowd of poms. She wanted nothing to do with that chaos.

My wife is one of those who was in pom heaven. LOL. She was going around meeting and taking pictures of all the poms she could. She said going to this was like a dream come true for her.

I like the idea and despite my reluctance to commute into the city, I enjoyed the day. It was very interesting and cute indeed. I have invited the event organizers to come on my podcast. So maybe one day you folks will hear from them on here.

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