I remember when this film was first coming out. I really wanted to see it, but like many others, I simply didn’t get around to it. Finally, this long labor day weekend I had the chance to watch it with my wife and son. We’d all heard pretty bad things about it, but like many other times, we approached it with an open mind. At the end of it all, we all agreed that it was an enjoyable film.

Those of you familiar with the amazing show Game of Thrones, would recognize John Snow as the main character here. The guy has some serious abs! He plays a tough, celtic Gladiator who’s entire village was killed by the Romans led by Mister 24 himself, Keifer Sutherland as a Roman Senator. I did wonder how they would be able to build a story around a volcano destroying a town, but leave it to Hollywood to find a way. They took¬†Gladiators, Romans, Celts, love, betrayal, revenge¬†and they managed to squeeze a little bit of it all into this film. Most entertaining if I may say so. There is a lot more to the film than just the volcano killing the town, and the Rodriguez household approves of the film! Get your copy on dvd and check it out!

One thing that I do wonder, if one day, they will make a film around the tragedy of 9/11. This is sort of like the same thing, except that it was mother nature who laid the smack down, and not some neurotic terrorists. I feel a little weird saying the film was “entertaining,” when the event itself took many innocent lives.

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