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Possessive male hug

What the hell is that you are wondering?

Well, you ever seen a dude walking with a woman, and instead of having his arm around her waist or body, this fucker has it around her fucking neck? He’s not hurting her per se, but it almost looks like he has her in a headlock. Know what I’m talking about? Ever seen that? Fuck those guys.

When I see that, I perceive an insecure man who feels the need to “secure” his partner and control her from one of her most vulnerable points, her neck. It’s almost like dude is concealing her head from the world and keeping her vision under control. Almost like blinders on a horse.

It looks really bad and I feel sorry for a woman who accepts that in her life. Sure, I’ve heard many of you say “he does it to protect me and it shows me he loves me. A little jealousy and possessiveness isn’t a bad thing.” I disagree, I  have no tolerance for such emotions in my life. Mind you, I have a history of being jealous and I hated the way it made me feel. I hated that this was taught to me at a young age. I hated being trapped by that mindset.

Now I just enjoy the freedom of living and letting my partner live. At the end of the day, no matter how tight your headlock, if she wants to leave your ass, she’s gonna leave your ass. So walk with that knowledge and relax. If she’s with you it’s because she wants to be. If she doesn’t want to, then move on fella. Now let go of that fucking headlock.

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