Pray For Istanbul

3 Muslim men carried out a horrible attack in a Muslim country, killing mostly Muslims, during Ramadan. Will you then say that this is a Muslim problem? Is it a problem with the religion of Islam? Can we say that these are simply 3 bad men, who happen to have twisted world views, share the region, who claim to be Muslims?

As far as I know, Muslims are not supposed to kill each other. How can we then turn around and blame all Muslims for the actions of these depraved men who claim to represent Islam, when most of their victims are Muslims themselves? I’m sure that the Prophet would not approve of this behavior, nor do the Muslim victims and Muslims in general.

I have a question though, why did I only come to learn of this tragic event late at night via the news? Why wasn’t my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feed bombarded with #prayforistanbul messages? Why didn’t I see profile pictures changing? Why does this tragedy not get the same type of attention as it does in other places? This kind of attack is as bad as it gets, it really doesn’t get much worse in terms of target, strategy, and so on.

Yet, the world doesn’t seem to care as much as it does when it happens somewhere else. Well, I care, and I send out prayers to all the victims, their families, and friends. I am sorry for your loss and suffering. I hope that one day, together, we can stomp out the evil that infects this world under the guise of God.

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