Premiere of Charlie Scott’s new video “Hold my hand”

Up and coming New York City based rap artist Charlie Scott will be releasing his second official video this Saturday, November 23, at 1pm. For those of you that are not familiar, NYCTalking editor Angel Rodriguez is a huge fan of Charlie Scott’s work. This young man is the future of American hip hop, and in my opinion this is the person that will fill the void that currently exists in the NYC hip hop music scene!

Friends, are you ready for NYC to take back the well deserved hip hop royalty crown? Are you tired of down south country rappers you never heard of like this “Trinidad James” dissing us and claiming that we do not have the proper representation? Well, ladies and gentlemen, that representation has arrived!

Charlie Scott is a lyrical monster, his melodic songs will always tell a real story. While others rap about prostitutes, liquor and gang banging, Charlie Scott talks about topics like his journey as a recovering drug addict, his brother fighting for the country overseas, and life as the son of two deaf parents. He shares stories that regular people like you and I can relate to, none of this glorified, untrue garbage that many rappers push today.

I make no secret of this, I want you to listen to Charlie Scott. Whether you are a fan of hip hop or not, I ask you to listen to at least one song. Give him a chance and I will guarantee that just like me, and countless others, you will become a fan. So help us get NYC back on the hip hop music map!

If you do listen, please comment with your thoughts on the work you heard, I’d love to hear/read your thoughts. For your convenience, I have included one of Scott’s most emotional pieces, a tribute to his brother serving in the U.S military. As a patriot, I have lots of love for our brothers and sisters that fight for our country. That being said, every time I hear this song my hairs stands on end!

Stay tuned for the 1pm video release of “Hold my hand” this Saturday, the 23rd of November. For many of us fans, this is an early Christmas gift! But that’s not all, in a few months Scott will also bring us a video for this song, “Soldier tribute”. Scott is working together with the extremely talented Dennis Latos, all I can say is that I can’t wait!

Here it is! Charlie Scott’s “Hold my hand.”

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Angel Rodriguez

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Premiere of Charlie Scott’s new video Hold my hand. Officially announced via @NYCTalking! Thank you to @arodomus!


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RT @NYCTalking: Premiere of Charlie Scott’s new video “Hold my hand” #music #hiphop #charliescott #song #video #prem…