Prestige Barbershop in Queens

So I was recently in need of a haircut after several weeks without a buzz. I was trying to arrange a date with one of my buddies who swears he’s a great barber. However, his actual availability was never in line with the schedule he gave me. After several failed attempts to schedule a cut I decided that it was time to move on.

So I got online and googled for “best barber shops in Queens.” Right at the very top of the search came up Prestige Barbershop right here in Lefferts. Now I’m gonna be real with y’all, I’ve walked pass this place many times in the past and I just kept walking. It has been my experience that barbershops in Kew Gardens suck when it comes to performing a proper fade. By default, I assumed that these guys would just suck like everyone else and I’d just walk pass them on my way to Jamaica for a fade.

However, these dudes have done something really clever. They got a website, setup online scheduling and also put all of their barbers on instagram. That’s the only reason I decided to step into this shop and give them a try. I looked at all of the barbers and their work on IG, I was impressed and saw that they seem to do pretty good fades. That simple, clever move, being listed online and showing their work got them a new customer. I told the owner that this was a smart move and kudos for that. Also, scheduling the appointment was super easy and convenient. No politics or having to jump hoops! Remember how I feel about barbers who make you feel like you are begging for a cut?

My barber goes by CK_stylez and he’s a pretty cool dude. We spoke a bit about what to do with my head and we went with a taper of sorts.

It’s pretty clean and I like it, but I think next time I might try a fade again. I’m so used to getting a fade, but open to trying new things. I’ll see how it grows out over the next few weeks. The plan was to do a cut that would look good at the moment, it did, and would continue to look good as it grows in over time. That part remains to be seen. But all that being said, I was quite satisfied with my haircut, the service and the place. CK is a cool dude as is everyone else in there. The prices was the going rate for a haircut anywhere in this area. It’s about $20 or so, but of course that can vary depending on what you are doing.

If you are in the Kew Gardens area and have been struggling to find a place for a fade, stop by and check them out. Prestige Barbershop, its right across the street from 7-11 on Lefferts.

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