Prime Med Pharmacy

So today I went in, got my item and I stood around the register for several minutes with no one attending me. I made eye contact and nodded at several staff, so they knew I was there and waiting, but nothing. They kind of just looked at me like I was stupid and went about their laughing, eating and chatting.

After a short while, (I try to be patient and give them time to do their job) I got kind of annoyed and waved the product around loudly asking “Can someone please charge me?” After being asked to do so, then one of the guys who made eye contact with me came to charge me. I paid and took the product, no bag needed, thanks.

I was already annoyed and really didn’t want to address it then. What’s the point? They must know what they are doing, and do it anyway. So why bother addressing it there? Nah, we’ll do it here and on the blog, where it counts.

So I get it, it may have been break or lunch time, but I don’t run a store and even I can tell you that at least one staff member should be attending customers during this time. You don’t just leave customers standing around, especially when you have so many people behind the counter joking around plus one extra in the front hiding in her Fort with a sign that says “For questions ask in the back pharmacy.” I was in the back pharmacy. SMH.

In the past, they tried to take over my prescriptions, but something happened that left a bad taste in my mouth, I can’t remember what it was anymore, but I went back to CVS for my medicine needs. However, I still went there for smaller things.

This latest experience though, it was just not cool and very unprofessional. I’ve tried to support this place as it is much closer than CVS and it is a small, local business. But these kind of experiences make it hard to support them. Honestly, unless I have no choice, I won’t go there anymore.

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