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Throughout my life so far, I’ve been to physical therapy two times. The first time I went it was for my wrists. They had me do a bunch of things for a few weeks and I never felt or saw any progress. The doctor wanted to perform surgery on one of my hands saying that the problem was a cyst that I have. Thing is, I had the problem on both hands, including the other hand which DIDN’T have a cyst. Long story short, that entire process was a waste of my time and I never received any results or solution. To this day I still live with this problem.

In fact, I believe that it is at least partially due to this wrist problem that I wound up in physical therapy a second time. This time for one of my shoulders. I’d been noticing a slight discomfort for sometime, and when I started training Brazilian Jiujitsu again, the problem became more acute. Fast forward to getting caught in a key lock, an armbar here and there, and whatever was happening in my shoulder was accelerated ten fold. Since those days I’ve not had relief from the shoulder pain. I’ve been out of Jiujitsu for about two months as I try to heal up from this injury, but so far, I’ve had no luck.

Enter Professional Physical Therapy Clinic Kew Gardens. The main guy here is Kiro, he’s a nice dude who seems to care about his patients. I always found him friendly and pleasant to work with. The rest of the staff was also very nice and friendly. I went here for a few months, but similarly to my prior experience with PT, I didn’t really notice a long lasting improvements or changes. That’s not to say that they suck, I’m just saying that this did not work in fixing my specific injury.

After a few months, I decided that I would stop attending and simply do this on my own. A lot of what we did there was stuff that I could do by myself. I was paying $40 a visit, and going 2 times a week. Do the math, that adds up pretty fast. So I’ve resorted to dealing with this on my own. I remember most of what we did in there and I do it myself a few times a week. I still have the problem, but I presume it takes time to heal.

The one thing I can’t do alone is the massaging and hands on therapy that Kiro did. That part I miss because I always felt much looser and slightly more comfortable as Kiro did his work on my shoulder. But like I said, this was solely a financial call. $320 extra a month is expensive, and I can’t afford to keep paying that without any concrete results.

If you have a not so serious injury, this may be a good place for you to try out. But if its something serious like mine, then you may need surgery or something else. I don’t have a vast array of PT experience to compare this to, but I think they do a good job and I’d recommend trying them out. I like Kiro and the staff there, they are good people. Its hard to gauge whether or not the process was helpful because I still have the problem. But like I said, physical therapy doesn’t always work, sometimes they gotta do surgery. For now, I’m avoiding that option though.

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