Project power

Jamie Foxx delivers yet another great performance in his role on the movie Project Power. There are other actors on here, some new to me like Dominique Fishburn, and some you may recognize like Machine Gun Kelly and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. They all did a pretty good job.

This movie is about individuals who can awaken special super powers for about five minutes. However, in order to awaken these powers they must first take a pill. The powers only last for about 5 minutes . But, if the pill doesn’t agree with you, you can sort of explode. So there’s that. The powers you get vary from person to person and are based on animals in nature. The 5 minute thing is kind of wack, but it’s better than nothing.

As is to be expected, there is some evil, powerful Corporation behind the pills. Duh, there’s a surprise. But they are also behind kidnapping people and using them as test subjects to develop and test this damn superpower pill. Wait, that’s not a surprise either is it?

The plot is the same as most films as you’ll see. When I finish the comics and cover The Old Guard film and comics in a future piece you’ll see yet again, that it’s the same thing. Giant, Evil corporation, kidnapping and testing on human beings for their own good and profit. Sharing that doesn’t even feel like a spoiler, it’s such a common thing!

That being said, even with the tired old plot the movie was pretty dope and I really enjoyed their take on it.

Jamie Foxx is a pissed off father who is looking for his daughter who was kidnapped by… You guessed it, the evil corporation. LOL. He recruits a young lady who was involved with the selling of the power pills to help him out.

They are a truly the odd couple. One thing that I really liked is that during the film they managed to squeeze in some really important life lessons and motivational scenes which were meant to speak to the youth directly. I thought that was really awesome.

There is one scene with Jamie Foxx that was so freaking cool I have watched it about four times already. That one scene is so damn satisfying that you just gotta see this movie and check that scene out. I won’t share any details because those would truly be spoilers. The movie overall was really good and I enjoyed it, but the satisfaction that I got from that one scene that I’m referencing was like the icing on the cake.

I highly recommend you watch Project Power it is really good. If you happen to be into hip-hop and or the spoken word then this film will have even more treats for you. Check it out! It’s dope.

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