How Do We Protect All In Society From Rape

I have a genuine question for everyone, how do we protect all in society from rape?

I’m asking this because I have recently read some stories where men who were accused of rape, later turned out to be innocent. Is it okay for a woman to play with a man’s life, or that she jeopardize his freedom by lying that way? If it is later proven to be a lie, she faces no consequences at all? How is that okay? In some cases, the men have served time in prison! You don’t get that time back, and you certainly don’t get your name or reputation back! It is a serious issue, but unless I am mistaken, there are no consequences if a woman lies. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Then there is the flip side to that coin! In this day and age, in a world with Brock Turner’s out there, how do we protect our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters? When you have dirt bags who rape women, are caught red handed, and then a judge (Aaron Pernsky) orders them to serve only three months in jail! Followed by an anti-drinking tour? Seriously?

How can we make it so that women don’t fear speaking up when they have been harmed sexually by a man? How do we ensure that judges offer no favoritism and actually hand down just punishments for real crimes?

Remember a time to kill? I think that Samuel L. Jackson’s character did what he had to do! He knew that nothing would happen to the rapist!


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These days, I’m careful about being anywhere alone with a woman. It is far too easy for someone to ruin your life. When it comes to this, I prefer to err on the side of safety. Think about, all she has to say is “He tried to rape me,” and with that alone, odds are you will get arrested. It may later turn out that she says it was a lie, or it could be somehow proven to be a lie, but at that point, you probably lost your job, you may have lost your freedom for sometime, and maybe even more! So it’s best to be super careful these days.

I know this is a hard subject to discuss, but reading these articles about innocent men is actually very terrifying to a straight shooter like myself. I can’t imagine what it must have been to go to jail on a rape charge that you know you didn’t commit!

Do you guys remember this racist gem that I covered a few months ago? If this man didn’t have video evidence, and eye witnesses, there is a good chance that he’d never even make it to court! He’s a black man, she’s an elderly white woman! Think about that.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am completely against rapists, and I want them to suffer 10 times more than any of their victims. I’ve offended people in the past with ideas of how to punish rapists. Something about being inhumane, and barbaric? Meh, go figure, I won’t repeat them.

But on that same note, I think we can all agree that a woman who lies about rape, should be punished for that. It not only hurts the innocent men that they accuse, but it also makes life more difficult for true victims of rape.

What are your thoughts on this sensitive topic? Please bare in mind that I mean no offense to anyone, and I have tried to make my points as clear as possible. However, I am open to criticism, and if I made a mistake in any of my logic, I welcome dialogue.

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