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Brazilian Jiujitsu

Protecting your body from injuries in BJJ

I think it goes without saying that grappling arts such as Brazilian Jujitsu, better known as BJJ are physically very challenging. These sessions are not like lifting weights, Zumba, cardio, yoga or any other form of exercise where it’s just you training alone. You always run the risks that come with training that is performed with another human being. That’s not to mention that those human beings are trying to choke you or bend your joints until you submit. So it’s understood that you will come out of these with a fair share of bumps and bruises. Today I have a stiff neck to show for my efforts.

As you can see from the image above, I have my toes taped up nice and tight. I have my two big toes taped up because when I trained over the weekend I left a substantial amount of my skin behind. In order to protect the wound from infection, as well as from the pain, I put on a bandage and then tape it in place. My pinky toe has a very big, painful split, so I buddy taped that one and then wrapped it around my foot for support. I had no problems in training today.

In addition to these steps which I take to protect once the problem is there, I also take steps to protect from other injuries. One thing that is a must for me are knee pads. One of my knees didn’t form properly, so a piece of bone sticks out, and without the knee pads that shit hurts like a motherfucker. Lately, after my brutal elbow injury, I started wearing elbow pads for an extra level of protection. It goes without saying that I wear a mouth guard and a groin cup.

Another step that you can take to prevent injuries is stretching. Physically tight people like me are extremely prone to gym injuries, and in this form of training, which is all about joint attacks, chokes, and wrestling, not stretching can really jack you up. I’m way behind in the stretching game, but I’m working on it. Don’t take stretching for granted.

These are just a few steps that you can take to try and protect your body while training in BJJ. If you have any further tips to share, please send them along!

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