Puerto Rican Super Heroine: Lak6

DMC comics gives us Lak6, a female wing chun expert super heroine from Chelsea, Manhattan. Side note, did you know that Chelsea used to have a Puerto Rican community? I didn’t know that at all! I guess we were all gentrified out?

Lak6 lost her parents at 6 years old in a building fire. This was an all too common occurrence when many of us were growing up in the South Bronx. I remember the fire department coming up by our block many, many times. For a new building fire, or one of the continually recurring building fires. Subsequently, it has been nice to see some of those buildings rebuilt and the space being put to good use for needy families. Although, the way things are going in the Bronx, we’ll probably get gentrified out of there too!

Lak6 is based upon real Latinas such as Iris Morales from the Young Lords Party, and Lady Pink who was a graffiti artist in the old days. Some say she is the first Puerto Rican super heroine, but others argue that though they are happy to have her, she is not the first.


Either way, who cares, Lak6 get a wepa from me!

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