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Purchasing Comic books on Comixology Buyer Beware

When you buy a book in amazon for the kindle, you sort of own the book, but that is as long as you use it within their app ecosystem. You can’t take the book elsewhere to read it, back it up, etc. I thought that comixology might work the same way when buying one of their comics to keep. So I thought I’d look into it. My research lead me to several sites stating that you could in fact download the comics as a backup, including the comixology website as seen below. Notice the date on the article, 2014. Most articles I found had a similar time frame so clearly this hasn’t been addressed in awhile.

Notice that it says you can download them and makes no mention that only “some” comics will be available for backup. I looked this up prior to purchasing the comic and used it as my reasoning for buying it. Cool? Not really, look at what I encountered upon purchasing and looking to backup my new comic.

You’ll see that it says “you don’t own any books with DRM-free backups” and then you are pointed to a link which shows publishers who offer backups. What the hell is that yo? This should be listed in the damn read me in the first image, no? “Only some comic publishers offer back ups” and provide that list of providers. In fact, they should create a variable that shows up next to each purchase that states “no DRM backup available.”

I thought this was quite misleading and should be addressed. I will be bringing it to amazon and comixology’s attention as it’s not cool that I bought this comic thinking I can put it on my own reader and I am forced to read it on comixology. Not cool!

In any case, I thought I’d share this with y’all cause when I researched this, no one addressed this which I have now discovered. Logically, based off of amazon’s kindle model, it makes sense, but they specifically state otherwise on their documentation. That’s why I’m ticked off! You need to update your documentation people!

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