Purevision Optical

Some months ago, I had a weird bump and swelling in my eye. I presume it was an infection of sorts and would require some antibiotics. Instead of going to my doc, I figured I should go to an eye specialist, so I made an appointment at Purevision Optical.

So first of all, the vibes here were a bit trippy. There was a young man, and he was friendly to me, but everyone else made me feel uncomfortable and like I didn’t belong there. It was kind of “who the heck told this guy about this place and why is he here?” It was just a really weird, unwelcoming vibe, except for that one dude, he tried to make me comfortable.

The eye specialist checked me out and used a bunch of equipment to run tests, most of which probably had nothing to do with the reason I was there, you know how that goes. The old money grab there. After digging around, she said that I needed to contact my doctor for antibiotics. She gave me an eye ointment and told me to make an appointment with my PCP.

Bruh, I came here because I thought this was an eye doctor with the same powers as a regular doctor, but eye focused. Turns out that she can’t write prescriptions. If I knew that I’d still have to see my primary care physician, I would have gone directly there instead of wasting my time and money here.

Anyway, while I was there, I bought this patch to warm my eye up and hopefully help things get better more quickly. But when I heated it up, it stuck to itself. When I tried to separate it, it exploded all over my kitchen. Many, many little beads all over the floor. I was cleaning those up for days after.

So I sent them an email requesting a refund, but they wanted me to call in to discuss it. Honestly, after the not so pleasant experience I had there, I simply didn’t want to deal with them anymore so I took the $12 loss.

I don’t know what the deal is there, but unless I have absolutely no choice, I don’t think I’ll ever go back. Based on how most of them treated me, they probably prefer that. My advice, stay away.

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