Queens Bully

I’m not sure how this one slipped through the cracks, I’m usually pretty damn good about reviewing restaurants that I hit. Especially new ones that are highly touted.

Some weeks ago, I saw a post on one of the Forest Hills facebook groups talking about this place. I didn’t pay any mind to these people and their nerdy posts whining or praising the newest place in the hood.

However, while walking home one day, I noticed it, and I remembered the post. I mentioned it to my wife, and we decided to give it a try.

So let’s break it down, and I’m gonna tell you right from the gate, I don’t spend a lot of time writing lengthy reviews any more. Just the basics, so here we go…

The mac and cheese dish was delicious. My wife liked it too, but says she’s had better. Well, there will always be a better place than any place, but this was pretty damn good. I liked it, and I’d definitely get it again.

These wings were pretty damn amazing! I loved them thangs… Wings and thangs. Nom nom. I think the mac and cheese along with the wings were my favorite dishes here.

Next up comes the salmon dish. This was okay, not my favorite dish in the world. I felt the veggies didn’t have all that much flavor, other than the veggie flavor. Though that is not necessarily a bad thing. I went with this dish because it was relatively clean unlike the other two which were more of an indulgence. But it wasn’t bad, just not my fav.

Finally we arrive at the pizza. This has a sweet bbq sauce flavor, and it was pretty good as well. I enjoyed it. I’ll say this, if you want pizza, go to Dani’s or Dante’s for that. However, if you want pizza with a flare and a bit of a twist, then give this a try. It’s very different, but quite good!

I believe I got a drink, some sort of lemonade, but I can’t remember. Overall, I enjoyed this restaurant, and when its time for a cheat meal, or I’m simply craving some good wings or mac and cheese, I’ll definitely come back. The service was good, the ambiance was nice, and I think we have a winner in our hands!

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