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Quick Update: Hurricane Sandy

I’m sure everyone is watching the news, listening to the radio, and browsing the web for updates on the latest hurricane to threaten our lands. Dubbed “Sandy”, this one comes slightly later than last year’s “Snorricane” as she was labeled in NYC, “Irene”. Tell you what, I’d rather a “Snorricane” any day of the week compared to what I have seen Hurricanes do! “Snorricane” or not, all the same the citizens of our good land are encouraged to take actions to ensure the safety of their property and family.

Essential businesses are implementing their disaster recovery protocols to ensure business continuity in the financial sector. Essential support personnel have been sent to hotels near their work locations, disaster recovery sites, and are in place to make it to work during the storm. Hospitals will remain open as they have backup up generators, however non-essential surgeries, etc have been postponed in preparation for the storm.

Lower Manhattan is being evacuated, City Island in the Bronx, portions of the Rockaways, and most places that are near the water.  Here are a few key updates that you should be aware of for the next days and several hours:

NYC Subways will shutdown at 7pm.

Buses are due to stop operation at 9pm.

Service is expected to resume 12 hours after the storm.

Schools will be closed Monday, possibly tuesday, considering there will be no public transit.

Zone A in lower Manhattan has already received a MANDATORY evacuation order. Residents are ordered out by 7pm tonight and emergency shelters are in place for them and their pets.

Unless absolutely necessary it is recommended that you stay home!

For more information on these closings and evacuations you can visit NY1, they seem to keep things relatively up to date in regards to what’s happening in all the boros.

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