Quickbooks forcing Windows upgrades

One major gripe that I have with Quickbooks is how they force us to upgrade our operating system in order to install a new version. There is no warning, no bypassing it, it just breaks.

A couple of years ago, this caused me a major weekend project because I couldn’t update an older quickbooks server. Once I tried to update it, the thing broke and I simply couldn’t install it at all. I had to come up with some on the fly workaround to get the users up and running by Monday. That was a long and painful weekend.

Recently, some of my remote users who are running an older version of Windows are having issues updating or installing Quickbooks for the same reasons.

It would be nice if they allowed us the option of foregoing the update until a time where we can update the whole operating system safely. As I mentioned, they provide no warning, so users try to update it and then boom, its broken.

Once of them asked me to upgrade their computer to windows 10 and after the upgrade, I deemed the desktop unusable. Upgrades don’t always work well.

I think this is a major issue for users, especially the remote ones who may not be technical. Quickbooks should be a little more considerate of their client base and provide more options.

If you are running an older version of windows, DO NOT run the automatic upgrade because at one point it will break. Once quickbooks says you have “zero times remaining” to avoid the update, just go into task manager and end the qbupdates task. That will allow you to bypass it until you can rebuild a Windows 10 or later machine.

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