Racism knows no boundaries

Recently a friend of mine expressed great disappointment in some young children who said some derogatory terms towards her and her young son at a children’s park.

My friend is Asian, and the kids that were making of them were black. I find it terribly sad and ironic, that a group of young kids who themselves may end up marginalized, or victims of racism, would turn around and behave this way.

It is the ultimate insult, and a slap to the face of all those who have fought before, and continue to fight today for equality. You would expect that these kids would know better.

However, it all comes back to parenting doesn’t it? Who knows what kind of upbringing these kids have been receiving? Apparently none of the parents were with them! I could describe what I think of their parents, but I wonder if I could do it without appearing bigoted myself? I am certain that these parents would have a major problem with what I may say about them. Yet they find it perfectly fine to raise children who think it is okay to make fun of an Asian kid because they look a little different?

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