Racist Kuwaiti beauty blogger says we are Islamophobic

This woman, I don’t even care to look up her name at this point has been catching a lot of flack over her statements about Filipino and other migrant workers. I guess in Kuwait, Filipinos are their Latinos. Every country has the group of people that they need, take advantage of, and then speak ill about. In the U.S, among others, we have us, Latinos. Kuwait has Filipinos.

So this woman was bitching because the Filipino maids have been allowed to keep their passports and they are required to give them time off. She was bitching about the rights that they now have, and how this hurts her. Boo fucking hoo you spoiled, whiny, entitled fuck.

Still insisting on playing the victim, now this idiot is claiming that us people who are criticizing her are Islamophobic. Yup, even after all this she’s still trying to play victim. She’s asking her 2 million followers to boycott the brands that dropped her and all that. We are not Islamophobic, we just don’t like assholes, and you are an asshole. Your religion is not up for debate, your character is.

So basically, this entitled wench still doesn’t fucking get it. I know this is in another country, and I know you think that your shit doesn’t stink, but you don’t own those people and your shit stinks. They are voluntary workers, and taking their passports, giving them no time off, that’s like enslavement. Perhaps your stupid ass has inhaled too much makeup or something? Get a grip and stop being an asshole, then maybe the internet will forget all about you and you can fade into the nothingness where you belong.

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