Rapist and the law.

He was taken to prison, he served 2 years on a 4 year sentence for rape. He was released, within the week he was back in prison on another rape charge.

2 rapes.

He served a 6 year sentence for the 2nd rape, he was released again, within 2 weeks of release he was in prison again, for yet another rape.

3 rapes.

Overall the man was jailed for 3 rapes, and claims he raped another 19 women that never came forward.  Now, he’s almost 60 years old and due to be released yet again.

22 rapes he claims.

I ask you good citizens of the world, what are your thoughts on this type of predator and the fact that the law has allowed him to rape 2 additional women (that we know of legally) by setting him free and providing such lenient penalties? Do the lawmakers not realize the type of damage a rape does to a person?

The rapist was very casual about describing how he did it, and why he did it.  He stated the most common place he’d grab victims was at shopping centers, when they were alone and getting into their cars, so be careful with that!

When asked why he did this he replied with “I was angry at my father, so I decided to commit the most despicable, heinous crime known to man.”.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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Jacqueline Gonzalez

OMG *gags* This is pathetic

Chris Montesano

This is why we need “mandatory minimum prison terms.” The Republicans (generally speaking) support them, Democrats (generally) do not. But the Democrats do support laws that would letting felons vote, even from prison. Gotta give them credit for that.