Razer Basilisk V3

I had recently decided to replace my wireless mouse with a wired mouse. The closest to the form factor I wanted are the Razer mice. I recently bought the Deathadder V2 to try it out.

As I commented ont that purchase while playing Call of Duty Cold War one of the guys recommended that I try out the Razer Basilisk V3. He told me that he loves it and all his friends who tried it also bought one. So I decided to try it out.

My first impression were extremely positive. It fits quite nicely in my hand, even better than the DeathAdder. I don’t even feel like I’m playing with a new mouse, I could feel it with the DA.

As an added perk, this mouse gives me the two extra buttons on the side, exactly where I like them, and the size that I like them. Plus, it gives me a third side button as well! Finally, if that wasn’t enough, this also gives you a multi click scroll wheel! That is an extra 3 buttons in addition to the ones I wanted.

Comfort, the right weight, my most needed buttons, plus 3 others that are not in the way? Woh! My initial feeling was really good. But after playing with this mouse for a few hours, I think I have my new mouse.

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