Razer Deathadder V2

So my wireless Logitech G603 mouse is 2 years old and starting to show signs of aging. As such, I’ve decided to once again start trying out some new gaming mice.

This time though, I’ve refocused my search on wired mice as wireless mice are said to have enough latency to affect gameplay. I’m not sure if that is relevant to a non-competitive casual player like myself, but I’m giving it a try.

So I went with the Razer Deathadder V2 because the form factor is very close to my 603, and I love this button configuration. I have played a few games with it today and kind of felt like my wrist was raised a bit too high and it was causing some fatigue and discomfort. For those who don’t know, along with many other parts of my body, my wrists are also jacked up.

The mouse also feels much lighter than my 603, so much so that it feels kind of weird. I think if I play with it for a while, I might adapt to it. But since there are so many other options available today, why settle on your first try?

Overall, I actually like the mouse for what it is. Once I got the sensitivity right it was all good. But the front of it just feels like it’s raised just a bit too high which then causes the aforementioned fatigue.

Someone suggested I try the Basilisk V3, and upon a quick glance it appears to meet the two-button requirement I have for the side, with an additional two others. I may have already tried this, but honestly after 20 mice trials, if I didn’t write the review then, I won’t remember. That’s why I’m doing this one right away for my initial thoughts. I’m going to use it a bit longer and I think I might give the basilisk a try. If I do you know it will end up here right away!

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