Razer huntsman tournament edition

My first impression of this keyboard is that it looks really freaking cool. It was fairly easy to set up and has a detachable USB-C to USB cable for ease of storage and connection.

Typing on it felt really amazing but also very fast. Really, it was way too fast at times and combined with being extremely sensitive, you’d often get some extra key presses. I’m a fan of this speed for what it’s meant for, but I also found myself making too many corrections when writing. That’s a bit of a concern for me as I don’t really game on a keyboard, I mostly use my keypad. But I wanted to try a gaming keyboard to see if I could adapt and also use it as my typing keyboard.

The keys are so very light and they’ve got all kinds of fancy colors that you can change and customize. Personally, I never really care to customize stuff it’s not something that I’m very interested in, I just leave the default, but I think it’s pretty dope.

I have toyed with the idea of actually using a proper keyboard as my primary gaming keyboard instead of my keypad and I kind of felt like I could pull it off. I would like some form of wrist support such as comes with the keypad but I can probably purchase that separately if I want to. I’ve always wanted to give myself the option to game on a proper keyboard so that I wouldn’t have to switch all the time, but a keypad is how I started and I’m really used to playing on that. That’s the reason I bought this though, because I need a new keyboard and also, I wanted to try a gaming keyboard and see how I felt.

This has a function shortcut to put the computer to sleep and I think that is freaking dope. I was concerned that I was losing my multimedia keys such as play forward etc., but those are still available via the use of a function key, so you still have them.

As of right now I see no negatives with this keyboard other than the very high sensitivity. I’d also mention that some keys are in different spots, but that’s likely due to the small form factor. I am returning this keyboard as it does not meet my specific needs. However, as far as gaming and the function this is intended for, I think this keyboard is dope!

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