First Reader, now Exchange? Unreliable Google!

I’m sure that many of you have read or heard that Google will be shutting down its famed Google Reader. If you search you will find tons of articles referencing alternatives that users can use, there was a mad dash by users to replace the reader, and a mad dash by companies to claim the upcoming vacancy.

As if pulling out the rug from underneath our feet with that wasn’t enough, Google has now shutdown Exchange support for Gmail on new devices. Meaning that, at least for now, if you have Exchange setup on your Iphone, then it will continue to work. However if you get a new phone, next time you will not be able to connect via this method. I just discovered this now after performing a brief search as I tried to setup exchange email on my replacement Iphone and it continued to fail.

This sucks, I used this method not only to receive my emails, but to do a two way sync of my contacts. I don’t know why Google keeps killing these awesome products and services. This only confirms my fear that you should never depend on a third party to manage your data. What happens when they go under, or if they simply decide one day, meh, I don’t want to do this anymore. You know, how Google has done with Exchange and Reader.

This is the second time that Google does this to its long time loyal users, like it or not. I’m currently eyeballing outlook email right now, and I’m considering moving my data over to icloud or even my own servers. At this point I don’t know what to do, but in the next couple of hours I will have figured out how I’ll be going forward.

**Update** The process to sync up Google now adds one extra step, but seems to work the same. I’m going to test out the method provided by our friends over at

Share any ideas you may have with us here. If you have found any awesome alternatives to either the Reader or the Sync, share it with us.

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First Reader, now Exchange? Unreliable Google!