Real Estate Investor harassed by racist woman

This white woman called the cops on this black dude who was in her neighborhood taking some real estate property pictures for his business. To her surprise though, the cops didn’t beat him up, they didn’t arrest him, they didn’t shoot him dead, AND… one of the cops was black. Pwhahhahahaha. Bitch, you done got served! Ain’t it nice when cops behave the way they are supposed to and do the right thing? YES! Thank you officers!

Seriously, I’m glad that these police officers did the right thing. Even while they were there, she was still telling him, “Why are you still here? Just take the pictures and go,” but the male officer said, “No, he can take his time and be here all day, and if you do anything you’ll go to jail.”

The gentleman asked the officers to remain for HIS protection, and I don’t blame him. This crazy woman looks like the type who’d shoot him and then say he tried to rape her. Crazy ass racist bitch.

Again, bitch you got served! Pwhahhahaha. I’m glad to see police officers doing the right thing and a damned racist being put in their place. I’m telling y’all, your days of getting away with being openly racist are running out. Enjoy your last hoorah because soon you’ll be extinct!

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