Real men take Zumba classes

I have noticed that the fellas at the gym, and outside the gym make fun of the few dudes who take Zumba classes.

Bro, that’s mad gay man, you in there dancing with the girls, looking all feminine and stuff. There are only women in there, what are you doing?

Hold up, homie. You are calling me gay, and saying I’m feminine, but in the same sentence you are saying that there are only women in there. Are you actually listening to yourself?

Bro, I see your sad ass looking into the class from the outside. I see you admiring the ladies, while you stand there, your pride and super macho ego keeping you out. I know you are scared that if you come in and dance, that the other guys will say about you, what you say about me.

Hidden Zumba dancers are everywhere.

Why doesn’t it bother me to have you say that to me? Well, for one, I know damn well that I’m not gay. That’s not to say I have anything against gay people, but I’m as heterosexual as they come. Knowing this, I’m okay with you thinking whatever you want.

The other thing, while you are out there, looking all sad, I’m inside with the ladies. I’m making friends, talking to them, hanging out with them after class, and overall making connections. You on the other hand, are left out there, alone with your “masculinity.”

All that aside, Zumba is actually a lot of fun for me. I do some pretty intense classes, and it’s nice to do a more fun, goofy, easier class to pass the time. I don’t like to spend hours and hours on those God forsaken cardiovascular machines, and Zumba is just another option for me to train with.

Have I encountered gay men in Zumba class, sure, and straight men too. This all comes down to machismo, ego, and wanting to look all bad and tough, for who, THE OTHER MEN. LOL. The whole concept of it all is rather comical.

If you want to take the class, just do it. Put that ego aside, and enjoy yourself. I look ridiculous dancing, I know this, and I’m perfectly okay with this. I’m not in there trying to pull booty, although being surrounded by it is definitely an added perk. Let’s be real though, we both know that if I wanted to, I totally could pull booty. Anyway, the major benefit is that it’s another way to pass the time and still burn some calories without destroying my body, after having already destroyed it.

Hey, maybe one day you stop talking crap, and give it a go. You might learn to love it. Until then, you keep hating, and I’ll keep hanging out with your girl. You should consider yourself lucky that I’m married.

In case you need to raise your T-Count after reading this post, here are a few images of me engaging in “manly” things. LOL.


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