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Recognizing a hustler

I find great pleasure in seeing through the bullcrap that hustlers put out there. This afternoon I was walking towards the train, cause, you know; I wanted a burger and milkshake from Bareburger in Forest Hills. As I walked pass the grocery store, I saw this guy and his lady, they were standing around with a baby stroller watching people pass by.

I have seen these people before, they come outside whenever the weather is nice and ask people for money. This child must be special or something, because for several years the kid hasn’t grown one bit. He or she is in the alike baby stroller, covered by the same blanket, wearing the same sleeves, and not revealing the actual child at all. It seems to me like it’s some bullcrap scam that they are trying to run here, pretending to have a starving kid. But what do I know? Well, I know plenty actually. I see right through their game. Watch, cause here it comes y’all!

As I walked towards them, he looked in my direction and made to block my path, I saw the woman shift to intercept me with her eternal child’s baby stroller. I looked at them both. However, I held a stare right into the windows of the man’s soul, then we silently conversed. His eyes said, “I’m gonna get you sucka.” However, my eyes said, “Recognize me biznatch? I see you, and I know what you are up to.” It appeared as though the woman realized what was transpiring. They made eye contact and then they both immediately began to walk away from the bodega.

I wasn’t going to call them on their bullcrap, but I certainly wasn’t going to contribute to it either. I wonder when and where they will return.

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6 years ago

Recognizing a hustler

6 years ago

Recognizing a hustler

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