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The Regular Guy NYC Sends a prayer to our friends in Boston.

This is not a day for a frivilous post about food, drinking, ranting or raving. It’s not a day for being all funny and goofy. I had other posts ready but decided that with the recent events to put up a more somber and respectful article expressing my thoughts on what just had occurred up in Boston.

I have seen and been through a lot during my life on this green planet that we call home. Yesterday started out as a beautiful spring day. No one could have foreseen what was about to take place at what should have been a joyous occasion. What started off as a day of celebration in Boston for Patriots Day and the Boston Marathon turned into utter chaos and tragedy. As the events unfolded before our eyes we all were again faced with the stark realities of terror, and the world we all now reside in. I have now seen this all too often. We all have. When will it end? Why does this keep happening? Is there any way we can really fully prepare for this in the future? There are no true answers to these questions. All I know is that we all have seen and experienced enough of this sadness.

This is yet another tragic day in American history. In world history. We must all stay strong and be resiliant yet again. We must not give in to the fear of terror and hate, but rise above it. Whether you are a religious person or not, say a prayer if you feel up to it for those who were affected by yesterday’s attack on human dignity. So many people were hurt, maimed, and even killed due to these senseless actions of someone or some group whose sole purpose was to inflict pain and hurt on our people. On our country. On our collective pshyche.

Yet, in the face of the unknown it was heartwarming to see so many people rushing to the aid of the injured. In the videos of the attack you can see those running towards the blast sites to help and try to save others. I truly believe there are many more people out there that are inherently good, and far outweigh the number of those who are evil. My faith once again was shaken yesterday, but seeing this actually made me realize that evil can never truly win. It can shake us to our core, but our faith in the human race will always be there in good times and bad. We must never give in, or give up. It is who we are as people, and I know in the end we will always reach out to help and comfort one another.

Yesterday’s tragedy totally overshadows the petty differences we have between our competitive cities of NY and Boston. It’s much more than sports events and rivalries. We are all American citizens. We are all as one. We are all brothers and sisters. We are all human beings. Let’s not forget that fact as we all try to move forward and make sense of this. My heart is with you today Boston. There will be a lot of healing to be had. Many will need constant comforting and reassurance. Some will never get over it. Some will never be the same. In the end though we must not let fear and evil win. We must stand strong not just as a nation, but as people side by side.

I will say a prayer for you today Boston. I will say a prayer for those who died, and those who were injured. I will say a prayer for all of us. I will say a prayer for humanity.


This post originally appeared on The Regular guy NYC  blog and was reprinted with permission from the author. The original post can be found here: “I will say a prayer for you today Boston.

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Yvettra Lee
8 years ago

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8 years ago

The Regular Guy NYC Sends a prayer to our friends in Boston.

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