Republican Mike Ritze wants to round up Spanish speaking kids

This is Oklahoma House Rep Mike Ritze, and he’s a fucking idiot. He’s such a high level idiot that not only Democrats are against his stupid ass, even his own party is distancing themselves from his ridiculous rhetoric.

He believes that some of the Spanish speaking kids in school may be citizens and some may not. This guy doesn’t feel that the government should be responsible for educating non citizen children. He proposed turning over all the kids who speak Spanish over to ICE so they can determine which were citizens and which were not. To be clear, these are children we are talking about. He wants to turn over children to ICE, if they only speak Spanish.

I don’t like to make threats of government officials, but if there was ever someone out there who deserved a drop kick to the face, it’s this fucktard, Mike Ritze. As a veteran of the U.S Air Force, a citizen of the United States and a decent human being, I have a message for Mike Ritze:


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