Republicans did not CHOOSE Neo Nazi Arthur Jones

I’ve seen articles on reputable mass media websites stating that Neo Nazi Arthur Jones has received the Republican nomination for an Illinois seat. The headline seems to imply that the GOP cosigned on this and that they are embracing this man. Most of the comments and shares follow that same thought line.

The thing is, the Republicans did not CHOOSE Neo Nazi Arthur Jones. The only reason that this racist bigot was able to secure the nomination is because the Republicans screwed up and didn’t put anyone up against him. So basically, him and his wife could have been the only ones who voted for him, and he would have won the nomination.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not coming to bat for the GOP, or being a cheerleader for the right. However, I can’t stand to see misinformation being spread, it doesn’t help them, and it certainly doesn’t help our cause either.

GOP leaders for the state of Illinois have publicly stated that he doesn’t represent them, their values, and that they may run an independent to ensure he doesn’t win. Of course, one can ask why their stupid asses didn’t run someone to begin with I suppose. However, the fact that they are dumb asses in this scenario doesn’t mean they support the racist.

Let’s keep it way real and stop providing Trump with a platform where he can say the left is all fake news!

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