Rest in peace to the beautiful Beverly McClellan

Years ago I was given the honor of performing at an anti-bullying event that featured quite a few artists who had been on the television show “The Voice.” Among those featured was the amazing Beverly McClellan.

Before this event, I didn’t know or hear of any of the artists on this card. I don’t have cable and I don’t follow the voice. However, I was super excited to be performing on the same stage as some actual famous singers.

I remember when Beverly arrived at the event. I was still outside and saw this big truck pull up. Inside, a bald woman wearing shades and covered in tattoos looked at me as though we were best friends for the last twenty years, she stuck her tongue out and put up two fingers from each hand, greeting me the only way rockers know how! WAZZZUUUPP!

Once inside we chatted for a bit. She spoke to me like we were buds and I needed that. I was so nervous about performing that evening, and her vibrant personality and electric energy made me feel good. I imagine that anyone who had the pleasure of meeting or interacting with Bev felt the same way. I can’t imagine otherwise. I told her I liked her, and asked for a picture, she’s like hell yeah, give me a hug and we took the picture above.

Bev was a musical genius, she told me that she could play 12 instruments! After watching her warm-up on the piano and guitar, I was amazed by her talent. But more importantly, she had an amazing energy. Bev was a busy woman, so we never got to hang out after that, but I am glad that I was able to share one evening with this amazingly talented musical prodigy. Bev, it was an honor to meet and share the stage with someone of your caliber and talent. May your wife, your friends and all of your loved ones find peace in knowing that you are no longer suffering. I’ll always have your songs on my iPhone!

Oh, and before I go, fuck cancer!

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