Rest in peace Casey Owens. Semper Fi!

Yesterday, one of our Marine brothers lost his battle with post traumatic stress disorder. Casey Owens took his own life as a result of this terrible disorder. Statistics say that 22 veterans a day take their lives because of PTSD. I can’t help but think of our Marine still trapped in a Mexican prison. He recently attempted to take his own life because of PTSD. This needs to be taken more seriously by the VA and our government. If these men and women are able to take their own lives, you know that things must be really bad for them.

What kind of country are we living in, when an “undocumented” immigrant gets better treatmentthan our soldiers? Dario Guerrero Meneses traveled to Mexico in hopes of saving his mother. The problem was that Dario is a dreamer, which means he cannot leave the U.S without permission, and he did. Though I feel for Dario and his family’s loss, I have to point out how the government has stepped in to help him, while our Marine goes unaided. I don’t wish him ill, but I have to point out the hypocrisy of this government. They don’t only fail our guys at the VA, they fail our guys in ways such as this. Frankly I find it all extremely sickening.

On the subject of the VA, Cpl Owens testified before Congress about how difficult it was to get the care that he required. Now he is dead and gone, by his own hand. This should serve as proof that there needs to be change. Instead of worrying so much about foreigners entering our country “undocumented,” perhaps it is time that these fools in power looked within and started to pay more attention to our own? You know, instead of sending them to risk their lives fighting a virus that will probably kill us all.

People don’t realize the psychological damage that combat does to a person, but PTSD is very real. The number of veterans who take their own lives is staggering. If one looks at these numbers, you can’t help wonder who’s winning the actual wars. Perhaps the enemy does not get our men and women on the battlefield, but the war gets many of them in the end. This is not good at all.

We need to take care of our own. Provide our servicemen and women the help they need after their service to this nation. We need to bring the number of suicides down, and hopefully one day make it nil!

Casey Owens, my brother, you tried, you accomplished a lot despite your injuries and limitations. America is proud of you, and it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye. Semper fi.

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