Restaurant Review: Federal Cafe


We are in state of emergency in NYC. The city is down thanks to this forsaken hurricane Sandy. As such most restaurants in the downtown area (and in the whole city for that matter) are closed, understandably so. I mean, how many people actually work during times like these? I’ll tell you who, THIS GUY RIGHT HERE, *points to self*. This being said there are not many options for food. So last night I went to this spot with my colleague for dinner.

As a starter we shared a calamari dish.  There is no other way to describe this dish as simply bland. It completely lacked any of the elements that make a good calamari dish.  Granted, we are experiencing a bit of an emergency and this could be a “one off” situation, however somehow I doubt that. We also shared a caesar salad, and that dish was decent. Seemed fresh and the flavoring was pretty good.

As a main dish I had grilled rib eye, this beef dish was also pretty bland, the meat was pretty greasy and fatty as well. Just all around grossage. I ordered mashed potatoes and spinach. I never thought I’d eat mashed that I didn’t like, but I was wrong, the mashed was also tasteless. The spinach was drenched in oil and garlic, you could taste a hint of garlic on that one.  My colleague had the chicken picatta, and that one had flavor, but it was overwhelming and almost a sour.

I don’t know if the dishes were this bad because of the terrible weather situation, or that is just simply how they are? I wasn’t impressed with anything here and probably wouldn’t eat here unless I had no other choice.  The staff members were pretty cool, friendly guys. That’s the only good thing here.  I didn’t even try dessert given how things were going.

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