Restaurant Review: Island Burger


This place is a moderate size restaurant. We came after an
off-broadway show. A table for 4 required a short wait. However I was
in good company so the time flew by.

The space is a little tight. It’s one of those places where you have
to pull out the table for people to squeeze in, blech. Not very cool
if someone has to pee!

Aside from that, it’s a nice place, the service is really good.
Pleasant, friendly folks.

Today was another cheddar burger day for me. And let me tell you, this
burger was JUICY! Big fat juicy burger. At one point one of the
workers came over and asked me if I wanted another plate, mine was
literally full with the juice from the burger. She even offered me
fresh buns because the burger was that juicy. Did I mention it was a
juicy burger? The burger was tasty and enjoyable.

One of my friends had cheese fries, this were ok, but not really my
thing. Just a bit overboard for my taste, and I’ll say this, these
fries ain’t got nothing on Juniors steak fries! I’m not saying they
were bad, just not my thing.

For dessert I shared a milkshake with my wife. It was pretty good.
Nice and thick.

The meal, service and experience overall was pleasant. I’ll return
here someday to try another burger.

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