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This morning as me and my wife were getting ready to head out to eat, I was complaining about how limited our restaurant selection is out here in Kew Gardens. We have only one diner relatively close here on Kew Gardens, “Village Diner” which we don’t really care for.  A few others in the Forest Hills area like T-Bone Diner that were just as unimpressive, so a great brunch or breakfast is not a perk that comes with this neighborhood.

We happened to be headed towards bed, bath and beyond in Rego Park, so we searched for a diner in the area to try. My wife found this place and reluctantly, expecting more of the same sucky experience we’ve had thus far we took a look.

Imagine the pleasant surprise it was for us when greeted by a smiling older lady, being immediately offered our drinks, and receiving prompt food and service. Now continue to imagine the surprise that I felt when we received our food, and the shock that went through my system as I bit into some home fries where I could actually taste the potato, the pepper and onions that were mixed in.  Let us continue this fantasy towards some corn beef that was also quite delicious.  This was before I even started on my plate, I was mooching off of my wife’s at this point.

Now I look down and gaze upon my french toast, fried egg, bacon, ham and sausage in awe and wonder. What great surprise awaits me as I prepare to indulge on this meal?  Will I continue to rise upon the gates of heaven or will I return back to a bland tasteless diner experience on earth?

No, my ascent continued. The food on my plate was just as delicious and flavorful as all of the food on my wife’s plate. Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner. Should we decide to go out for a diner experience in this area, this is the place henceforth. We cleaned out our plates on this one!

It’s a bit out of the way for us, but well worth it for a delicious dining experience.  We went after 12:30pm, closer to 1pm and there was no wait or line. I would imagine if we went earlier that aspect of it may be different, but it would be worth it if the food quality is consistent. Highly recommend this diner if you want a good brunch.  We’ll have to return one day for lunch and dinner service.

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