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Restaurant Review: Ricardo Steak house.


Ricardo Steak House on Foodio54

Things started off a little spotty when we got here, our reservation for 15 was non-existent. This presented a complication. When it’s one or two people it’s ok, but when you have a large group like we did it’s a bit of a problem to accommodate everyone. Uh oh, we are screwed. Well, not really. You’ll notice I still gave these guys 5 star even though we had this mishap, and that is because they made up for it in so many ways. Allow me to explain.

The staff handled our mishap as quickly and efficiently as they possibly could considering that it was a packed house on a very busy Saturday night. They provided us with plenty of free drink shots to pass the time as we waited for our tables. Here’s the thing, after a few drinks the wait seemed negligent. This is a smart strategy to makeup for the confusion, and might I add that it worked quite well and it was highly appreciated. I had a nice, fun buzz long before we sat down to eat! Though plenty of time passed, I sure as hell didn’t notice it because I was busy drinking and having fun.

Eventually we were seated at a table in the back as per our request. Now where does one state the “It was so worth the wait!”  Hold up, did I ruin it? Am I supposed to build up to that with some more review foreplay? Sorry! I couldn’t wait. I swear that never happened to me before.


So, uhm, yeah, it was so worth the wait. Every dish was absolutely delicious! We had an appetizer sampler that we shared, it consisted of crab cakes, squid, empanadas, and possibly other stuff that I was far too drunk to remember. But I do remember enjoying the apps very much, I remember the culinary orgasm that took place in my mouth! Hmmm! You gotta have that sampler! So good….

Oohhh snap… In my haste to write the “meat” of this review, I totally forgot to talk about the actual drinks that we were provided. Well, first we had these raspberry shots that went down so smooth, delicious, a few rounds of those were on the house. At some point my buddy “theregularguynyc” purchased something called “black and wild” for me. Thanks for the drink Phil, it was really, really good. Once you go wild and black, you never go back? Really good. Some of it eventually would end up on my brand new jacket, you know, as my motor skills began to fade with the passing of the evening. However the bartender took care of that spill quickly with a complimentary refill. I tried some of Phil’s “you don’t know jack” drink, and that was also pretty smooth. The liquor here is great!  Phil/Stacy when you read this review, add in the comments what the hell that item was in the black and wild that you guys really liked, I can’t remember the name of it.

Ok, back to the food…

Let’s talk about that garlic bread, how can I describe that? Heroine? Crack? That bread is crack! And in this case, crack is most definitely not wack! You’ll have it once and you won’t be able to stop. I think our table had about 6 or more separate repeats of the garlic bread. That sweet crack, sweet, garlicky, cruncy, soft, starchy crack. Hmmm.. More mouth orgasms!

Now lets move on to my main dish, I had a humongous porterhouse steak, shrimp, mashed and rice. This dish was a medley of flavors!.  The main dishes were just as delicious as the apps were and were not at all disappointing. The food here was a homerun all across the board. My wife had a jumbo shrimp dish with mashed potatoes and spinach mixed together, and it was also really good. She REALLY loved those jumbo shrimp.

Throughout the evening I sampled misc drinks and food items from my friends and everything was simply delicious. The evening ended up being an $85 per person night including tips, a bit pricey, but considering how much we ate and drank, I think the cost was perfectly acceptable.

The staff was extremely accommodating, they turned on fans, they turned off fans, they lit birthday candles, kept our drinks filled, and were very friendly. Just a really fun atmosphere. I think that in my drunken stupor I approached nearly every staff member and gave them my music card details.  Even some ladies that were standing waiting in line for the bathroom with me, I let them in first, and handed them my card. LOL.

This place is a bit out of the way for us, and under normal circumstances it would not be a place that I’d frequent too often.  However given the experience over all, the food, the staff, it’s definitely a place that I will absolutely return to and I highly recommend giving it a try.  I will say this, come ready to party as the place is definitely loud, but in a good fun way! Also, note that you should bring your street smarts, the area is what I consider a hybrid area, maybe safe, but not the safest.  Case in point, on the way home we had to avoid a section where some cops were in the process of arresting some young guys with their pants on the ground. Note, the arrest was not because their pants were on the ground.

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Angel Rodriguez
7 years ago

Honorary mention for The Regular Guy NYC!

Gloria Rivera
7 years ago

Hey!!!Ricardo,s Steak House is the best!!!! It,s up the street from my job!!!!!!

Gloria Rivera
7 years ago

Gloria Rivera liked this on Facebook.

Jose Marmolejos
7 years ago

You have to take me there and buy me some. Then I will let you know how good or bad they were. By the way, I like wine too with my steaks.

NYC Talking
7 years ago

Gloria Rivera, really, really great experience. I had some of that massive porterhouse last night for dinner, and it was still delicious!!!! Hmmmmm.. Steak…..

Angel Rodriguez
7 years ago

You’ll be whining as you watch me eat from outside the establishment, Jose. hahahaha.

7 years ago

Dude, so glad you and the wife enjoyed it! Terrific review! I have taken so many first timers there and they are all surprised at how good the food is, the reasonable prices, great staff, and awesome music. Ricardo’s is off the hook! Wepa!

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