Restaurant Review Update: Dig Inn’s new chicken recipe.


Anyone that knows me for at least the last decade and a half knows that I try to lead a healthy lifestyle. Key word being “try”, but I try all the same. One major component in that undertaking is a healthy diet.

Years ago there was a bodybuilding restaurant called “The Pump”. Us hardcore bodybuilding types made this our home, it was a great place while it lasted. As with anything in life “The Pump” eventually changed. It morphed into a new company all together, taken over by young entrepreneur Adam Eskin and some investors. “The Pump” restaurant first experienced some major product changes, then finally it was rebranded altogether and became “Dig Inn”.

This review is specifically for their chicken dish, if you want more reviews on the location, simply type “Dig Inn” or “Pump” under the search menu for this site, there are about 5 separate reviews there. Honestly up until I started this most recent weight loss regiment, I avoided the chicken here. It always felt slightly dry, and though acceptable, it definitely wasn’t my favorite dish.

Recently one of the workers informed me that the chicken recipe received an upgrade, he said something about “brazing”. Well, I’m fairly certain that watching Chef Ramsay on tv doesn’t make me a chef or cooking expert, but whatever the change they made, it works! The chicken is now much more tender, it’s melts in your mouth and appears to have retained its natural juices along with the added flavors. You can definitely taste the lemon and other flavors.

My favorite dish has always been the spicy meatballs, followed by the salmon, but the chicken is now a strong competitor. This dish is not spicy at all, it goes down smooth and soft, it’s light, clean, and leaves you feeling great.

I know that health places usually turn people off, something about the food tasting cardboard, and the fact that they tend to a cost much more than “fast food” restaurants. However I recommend that you give this place a shot at least one time! Think of it like a cleaner, healthier version of Chipotle, try the chicken, I bet you won’t regret it.

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