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I have been to this restaurant a few times, oddly enough I have never gotten around to reviewing it. I mentioned it to my son earlier, and decided that it was time for me to write a review. I love pizza, anybody that knows me knows that I love pizza. I haven’t been eating much pizza because I’m working on getting myself back in shape now. But when I do eat pizza I want to eat good pizza. Those of you that know me know that I have high blood pressure and that I get headaches often, one of the triggers for my headaches is unhealthy food. So I am very particular about the food that I eat.

This place does not make the best pizza, there are places that make better much better “gourmet” pizza throughout the city, the Neapolitan Express Pizza truck, Goodfellas in the lower East side, and those are just off the top my head. However this place is very close to where my son lives, and they make pretty decent pizza. In addition when I eat there I do not get a headache and that’s always a plus for me. That says to me that the ingredients are of decent quality and there’s not much extra salt and oil in there. When I’m in this area for the most part I either eat at whole foods or I’ll come to this place.

The way they do things is a little different, when you walk in they give you a little card, you will use that card to make your purchases. When you’re about to leave you present the card to the cashier, they scan it and then they bill you for the total amount. They generally want everyone in there to have their own card, but since I’m paying for my son all the time I will generally just take one. They also have other food available but I haven’t tried any of their pastas or the other stuff yet, only the pizza.

My son is very particular about his pizza and he loves that in this place the pizza is made to order. The ambiance here is very chic and cool, it’s a big hangout spot for the NYU students and it’s always jumping on the weekends. I like the pizza and I think the staff is pretty cool, I keep coming back so I must like it. So if you are in the Union Square area and you want to get some pizza at a cool spot, come and check these guys out I think they are pretty good.

The size of the pizza is normal, it’s like a medium-sized personal pizza. It’s not small, it is actually pretty good size. I usually leave feeling full and satisfied, and like I said it definitely has not given me a headache and that’s a huge plus for any restaurant. Check em out!

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