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Riding the train during corona virus times

As I’m riding the subway today, I’m highly aware of every move and gesture I make. I’m observant of all the people around me, aware of every time either I or someone else touches their face, coughs, sniffs, etc. I think about how we involuntary make our body’s act up.

This morning I wanted to poop before leaving the house and very little poop came out. I thought to myself, watch, I’m gonna get the urge to poop on the train ride. And guess what? Yup, I need to poop.

Then I thought how people might freak out if I started sneezing for whatever reason. Remember people, yes, there is a scary virus out there. We all know this. But there are also “regular” coughs and colds out there. Some people just get runny noses cause of the cold, and sometimes, sometimes your throat itches.

I know we are all bugging out right now, I sense it, and I too notice the guy a few people to my right who has a bit of a cough. He looks like a Latino male, you think that anyone is assaulting him over not wearing a mask? Nope, ain’t nobody gonna say a damn thing to him. Why, you ask? Cause he’s Latino, that means that those troublemakers assaulting Asians would expect that this guy would fight back. They assume that the Asian person will be passive and won’t do anything. Mind you, they’ve targeted mostly females as far as I’ve seen. Cowardly behavior if you ask me. But don’t worry, soon enough they’ll pick the wrong one and receive a rude awakening.

In any case my friends, please remember, corona virus is not an exclusively Asian ailment, and not everyone with a runny nose, cough, or sniffles is a corona carrier. I mean, continue to be careful, but slow your role my friends. Especially when it comes to resorting to violence or otherwise condemning a sick person. They are sick after all, and that can happen to any of us at any time.

Finally, please remember to practice safe sex. I know the corona hysterics are taking up all the news cycles, but there are things out there that are far more dangerous than corona.

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