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Riot Squads being deployed to Murrieta.

It is being reported that the feds are going to deploy Riot Squads to Murrieta, California in efforts to ensure that the next bus load of immigrants arrive safely at their destination. Take note ladies and gentlemen, the President and his people, are putting the safety of people that do not belong here, before the safety of American citizens. Those of us who pay their salaries, and fund their non-stop vacations. There are laws in place, the president doesn’t follow them, and when WE THE PEOPLE stand up for ourselves, they send in their big guns.

I wonder at what point law enforcement will say, “enough is enough” and stand with the people of America. This president is creating division like no other has. He is setting the stage for chaos and madness. He is working to create a major shift in the demographic of this land. The end game being a permanent shift of power to the far left.

Check out this summary of The Cloward and Piven tactics, and tell me if this is not what we are currently seeing?

–  Create problem. Over load and break the current system.
–  Create a chaotic situation.
–  Allow for demands for a solution from the masses.
–  Provide a solution to the problem that you created, and take control.
–  Job well done.

I fear that things are going to get worst, before they get better.

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