Roe v Wade overturned

When I was a kid, (yes, even in a Bronx public school) we were taught about the 3 branches of government. Check and balances, all that good stuff.

I have long ago abandoned those lessons and understood that it’s ALL run by powerful people and corporations with money. They “buy” a few clowns who then appoint trash like these 5 supreme court justices.

I don’t like abortions, I never have. I’ve been involved in the process, and as the man, or would be father, the weight of the decision we made was massive. I carry it to this day. How do you think this decision feels for a woman? Yet, this trash supreme court wishes to further complicate things for them during those hard times.

This is the true way that Trump has truly hurt this country. By being in the position to appoint the majority conservative Supreme Court for years to come. Generally, I believe that the party line is just a horse and pony show, but in this case, the damage is real and tangible.

I hate that this trash gets to decide anything about our lives, let alone something as intimate and sensitive as women’s reproductive rights.

I don’t wish ill on any of them, but I sure hope that Clarence retires during a Democrat/majority presidency. Those other ones are still too young for retirement, so unfortunately, we are stuck with them for a very long time.

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