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The rose and our dance

I was pretty young, eighteen perhaps? I don’t recall exactly. I met her on the block a few years earlier, and we kind of hit it off. Somehow though, we ended up going our separate ways.

However, we found each other again.

We started talking, and we immediately began hitting it off again. So I asked her to come to my “room.” Yes, at the time I still lived at home with mom. So she came upstairs, we went into the bedroom, and I started to play one of the slow jam tapes that I had back then. The DJs would say something like “This is the F tape number 7 with Dj Camilo,” or whoever I was listening to. Yeah, discretion wasn’t their best trait, those silly DJs!

In any case, I had purchased a single red rose for her, and I remember handing it to her. She smiled as I looked into her eyes, and she came into my arms. I held her close, gazing into her pretty eyes, and we quietly danced to the “F tape.” We kissed one another passionately, but we were not alone so we didn’t go further than that. She was such a beautiful young woman. I enjoyed those few romantic hours in my room together.

It was getting late, and she had to leave. So I walked her home, and came back to the room, with lust in my heart!

I’m not sure what happened after that. I think that I became serious with another woman I was “courting,” and we distanced out. However, I have never forgotten the rose and our dance.

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