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Rough Couple Of Years For Music

In the past couple of years we have lost some amazing musical artists. These have been a rough couple of years for music fans! Some we’ve lost, I am very familiar with, Phyfe, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, David Bowie, and some others which I don’t really know.

Most recently we lost Prince, and that really sucked. With MJ gone, Prince was his “rival,” or closest competitor in terms of what they both did. I remember one time during stand up where Chris Rock said: “People always wondered who was the best, Prince, or Michael Jackson,” and he finished it off with the punch line: “Prince won!”

It sucks to lose another great artist, but there’s even more suckiness! Today, I just read that we lost Billy Paul! He may be an artist that you are not very familiar with, but he recorded the hit and song I love to karaoke, “Me and Mrs Jones,” another great loss for the musical community.

Ladies and gentlemen, life moves along, and tomorrow is not promised. We are all getting older, and sadly, all of the people that my generation grew up with are moving on to the next world.

Rest in peace to all of these amazing musical geniuses. And someone please check up on Madonna and Stevie Wonder! Make sure that they are ok and staying away from those damn pain killers! These legal drugs have taken away far too many lives!

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